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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What's New Wednesday -- Hey, Those Aren't Cake Pops!

So, my borderline ADD crafting brain has catapulted me off in another fun direction and I've been having a great time making bottle cap keychains!  These little goodies are perfect for sending out to my family and friends as Thinking of You gifts, attaching as tags onto gift packaging, and more!

This one is on my keys and serves as a great little advertisement for our cake pop shop.  :)  I'm going to make a batch so that I can include one in each shipment of cake pops as a little Thank You for Your Order gift to my clients.

This one is my soon-to-be-born grandson's very first photo!  My second eldest daughter, Chrisi, is due in December.  I'm sending her one of these for her baby shower.  Shhhhh.... don't tell her!  It's a surprise.  :)

Here's the back of Chrisi's keychain.  Didn't they pick a cool name for the little guy?  Those are his first and middle names.  Love them!

This one is to raise awareness for Intracranial Hypertension, which is what my Kat has.  

Pretty versatile, huh?  Oh, the possibilities!!  Announce your baby's birth with a photo on the front and the details on the back!  Support your favorite sports team!  Show your school spirit!  Announce your engagement or say thank you to your wedding party!  How about a key ring with a charm showing each child or grandchild?

Want to order a custom bottle cap keychain?  Visit our Etsy shop and let us know by using the "Contact" link in the shop's left margin.  They're only $5.50 each plus shipping (and they're pretty light, so shipping isn't extravagant).  

Have a great Wednesday!  

~ Pia

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