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Thursday, October 20, 2011

This World Thursday -- Meds and Food for Kids

I came across this video and its accompanying news story today.  I was drawn in by the plight of the malnourished children of Haiti and interested in this "Peanut Butter Medicine" that the story was describing.  This medicine in a green pouch really does look like peanut butter!  And guess why..... because its main ingredient is peanut!  It's a peanut butter that is packed with nutrients that these malnourished children need.  

Seems these children can't eat regular food because their little bodies are so food-deprived that they just can't handle it.  So American-based nonprofit company, Meds & Food for Kids stepped in and created this awesome product.  And not only that, they found a way to manufacture the Peanut Butter Medicine in Haiti -- employing local peanut farmers to provide the main ingredient!  In doing this, they are not only feeding the country's most needy members they are also teaching the local farmers how to make improvements in their farming techniques and how to manage big production.  They're contributing to the economy of this struggling nation while giving the children a fighting chance at survival.  Wow.  How ultimately cool!

This was a refreshing, uplifting, encouraging news story amid all of the violence, discontent, and overall craziness of this week.  I encourage you to click on the link and read the story in its entirety.  To think that one little company in one nation can help the youngest of the young in another nation and that these two countries are now working together in harmony to help these children not only survive but thrive is an awesome thing.  We need more of this.  We need more working together and caring for one another.  We need more love like this in our world.  

~ Pia

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