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"They were delicious and beautiful.  Although I had bought some cupcakes which were very bright and colorful, the kids went straight for the cake pops!  So they were a hit!"
~ Melissa N.

"Your cake pops were darling and were a huge hit at the baby shower!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"
~ Wendi J. (via Etsy.com)

"These were the cutest baby pops.  It was a hit at the shower!"
~ Wendy L. (via Etsy.com)

"My boys loved your cake pops and so did I.  Very yummy!"
~ Bonnie, Bonnie's Incredible Cakes

"These were the cutest baby pops!  It was a hit at the shower!"
~ Wendy (via Etsy.com)

"Your cake pops are beautiful and delicious.  Every bride should have them at their wedding!"
~ Jessie C. (A Story in Time Photography)

" I love the cake pops, made by Pia and Kathleen at CakePopFusion.  The flavors are really yummy, and look amazingly cutesy.  They came safely & were packaged prettily, and are so Christmas festive!  I can't wait to hand them out to family, friends, and co-workers."
~ Kim M. (via Etsy.com)

"I've been CONVERTED!!! Yes, Ladies and Gentleman, I am now a believer thanks to the magic of Cake Pop Fusion. I have been in the presence of (and partaken of) the cake pops. 

Confession time....I've always thought cake pops were cute and admired the clever and fun designs in all the cake poppers photos. But I really didn't "get" that cake pop thing. I was more of a "cool, that cakes ready, let's eat it" type and I thought the whole phenomemon was, for lack of a better word, a bit crazy.

I can't speak for other cake pops, but Cake Pop Fusions are AWESOME. These are no mere ball of cake. I tried the chocolate and YOWZA. Perfect chocolatey goodness with a consistency somewhere between a cake and a brownie - moist, not too heavy, rich, not too sweet. Robed in a white chocolate shell, and hand decorated by the talented CPF team. If you haven't met Cake Pop Fusion check them out on Facebook (and if you really want to know them order yourself a dozen or 3 - you won't be disappointed."

~ Carol B. (via Facebook.com)

"Hit of the party ~ super cute!  They taste as good (if not better) than they look.  Thank you again!"
~ Courtney (via Etsy.com)

~ Jen (via Etsy.com)

"Our clown pops were so yummy and until I had yours I didn't even like cake pops.... I loved the way they looked but not the way they tasted.  But one bite from yours and I know I would eat anything you made!"
~ Amy (Make it Mine Parties)

"Best cake pops EVER!!!"
~ Megan H.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm....and I know first hand how gorgeous they are."
~ Heloise L.

"As someone who has had the pleasure of eating Pia's fabulous Cake Pop Fusion Cake pops, they are delish!!!  Be sure to get some for your next party!!  I had them at my last party and they were a huge hit!"
~ Sandie R.(via Nostalgic Summer blog)

"I'm salivating at the sight of those cake pops."
~ Jane (via Simply Swanky blog)

"I LOVE Cake Pop Fusion as they are always so fresh and creative."
~ Penny C. (via Simply Swanky blog)

"They are soooo good!  My favorite is chocolate.  Gave them to friends and they loved them!  Awesome Pia!!!"
~ Meg H.

"We had your cake pops for Easter and they were quite a hit.  I would like to order more for a surprise party."
~ Jean F.

"Nice story, great pics, and terrific product.  A big hit at the office!"
~ Robert B.

"They were so good.  Melted in your mouth."
~ Michel-Lee O.

"Your cake pop baskets were the hottest item at our Bake Sale!"
~ Elizabeth N.

"Oh my gosh, the cake pops are fabulous!  Awesome!  Thank you and tell Kat thank you."
~ Maureen R.

"OMG  THEY ARE SO GOOD   Every one was good.  The brownie especially and the strawberry.  Yummy"
~ Debbie C.