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Monday, October 24, 2011

My Little Has Brother Turned 43 -- Is That Even Allowed??

Okay, when  is it appropriate to acknowledge that your little brother is no longer "little"...(and, by association, that you are now "old"...)?  I guess when he turns 43 sounds about right!  Ricky, Kat, and I spent Saturday with Rob and his girlfriend, Christine to celebrate Rob's 43rd birthday.  It was a great day!
Still a kid at heart  ;)
Like his t-shirt?  Christine had it made for him.  It's one of his go-to expressions.  I love it!

Here's one of their jack o'lanterns.  He got a little messed up, but I think it adds to his creepiness, don't you?  Ewwwww......

I didn't bring Kat's good camera; took all photos with my phone.  I'm sort of technologically challenged, though, so the pics don't always come out right!  Take this one, for instance.  Blurry and the shutter didn't click when I pushed the button -- there was a strange delay before it clicked.  And this was my second try.  Which is why the guys look like they're telling me something -- like how to take a picture, ha ha!

We walked the neighborhood and then went to The Stand for lunch (ultra-delicious sweet potato fries and draft root beer there!).  And then we walked back.  Rob likes to walk.  :)

Then we went to the Griffith Park Observatory.  Very cool place.  You can even look at the sun without going blind.  By doing so via this display.  That is totally a live feed of the sun!  Awesome!

Here are more photos from the Observatory:

The requisite stand-by-the-Hollywood-sign pic

A view of the "floating" building tops

Ummmm.... Ricky, your hands are glowing

How cool is Kat's face?

Random shadow people

Just had to take this shot.
No, she's not really looking through the telescope.
But it still looks pretty awesome!

After the Observatory, we went to a little Cuban restaurant for some garlic chicken and pork yumminess.  And then we called it a night.

Here's an interesting sign that was posted at the gas station where we stopped on the way home.  Ha ha!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROB!  Thanks for letting us spend the day with you!

~ Pia

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