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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Beginning to Hit Home

We are really moving at the end of the month.  Kat and I, as I mentioned in a previous post, will take up residency in a room at a friend's house and Ricky will move in with his friends up north.    We've put down our deposit and given notice to our current landlord.  We called about a small storage unit today -- we don't have much to store, so it will not break the bank.  We're gathering boxes and making plans.  It's all been sort of surreal until tonight.

Tonight, Ricky came to me and said he's driving up north and bringing all of his stuff with him.  The original plan was for us to keep a lot of his things with us because he was going to fly up.  It's funny, when we started to talk about what he was bringing and how he was getting up there I suddenly wanted to beg him to stay.  Corny, huh?  Somebody tell me I need to let him go.  He's 22.  He needs to be on his own.  But I can't help but want him to stay down here and continue to live with us.

Practically speaking, there are no jobs down here for him and most of his friends are in northern California.  Selfishly speaking, his mom and his youngest sister are down here..... enough said.  Ha!

As for our own move, Kat and I are working to figure out what to bring and what to store.  Our friend tells us there are two closets in our room, the room has wood flooring and its own bathroom, and there's a separate entrance from the outside of the house.  Sweet!  We'll bring Kat's bed and my air mattress, of course, but what else?  All of our cake pop stuff, books and DVDs and music CDs, our TV and the DVD player, definitely our bookcases and photos.  Religious statues are on the list (our friend says there's even a niche for those), as are our musical instruments and laptops and the printer.  How about my rubber stamps & supplies?  My scrapbooking stuff?  My rosary making materials and assorted crafting essentials?  Surely I can keep all of those in my closet -- I can't possibly be expected to put them in storage, can I?

Oh, boy, this may be harder than I thought.  Wish us luck and say a prayer, please.  Moving from a 3-bedroom house to a 2-bedroom apartment to a single room in someone else's home is not easy..... not in a physical sense and definitely not in an emotional sense, either.  Sigh......

~ Pia

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