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About Us

Pia's Story:
My mom loved to bake when I was growing up. She doesn't do so much baking now, but boy oh boy she baked up a storm when I was younger! Together, we would make Irish Soda Bread (which she would form into braids and owls and even Easter baskets!), Southern Lassies (mini pecan pies), and cookies upon cookies upon cookies. She presented me with a Junior Cookbook when I was about 11 and I went to town making all the fun, delicious recipes in that book -- I loved that cookbook. In fact, I still have it! I found that as I got older and spent more on-my-own time in the kitchen I gravitated toward the sweets -- cakes, cookies, brownies, etcetera. I dabbled in Wilton cake decorating, making most of my kids' birthday cakes, and spent a lot of time baking desserts. So when I found out that there's a way to make cute little cakes on lollipop sticks, I jumped on it! Oh my goodness, what fun! And these sweet treats are portable, so everyone can have their own personal yumminess! Wow, life doesn't get much better than this!

I showed the pops to my youngest daughter (who's actually in college, yes I'm THAT old) and she loved them!  Now here we are, loving every cake popping minute!

Making cake pops is our way of spending quality time together while beating the recession and contributing to worthy causes.  We love to support fundraisers, so if your group needs to raise some much-needed funds, let us know.  We'll be glad to chat with you about how we can help!

We also teach classes and offer in-home cake pop Dip N Decorate parties, so if you're in the Southern California area and want to enjoy a great evening with friends learning how to make your own yummy cake pops, drop us a line!