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Monday, October 17, 2011

Kitchen Sink Monday

Welcome to Kitchen Sink Monday, the day when we get to chat about everything we did on the weekend, the books we like to read, what's going on in our little world, and pretty much whatever strikes our fancy!

I was thinking last Friday that I want to step up the blog.  I need motivation to write every day, and by motivation I usually mean narrowing it down to a single topic.  My problem is, I have so many things I want to say that I get stuck not knowing where to start or what to focus on.  I'm a creature of habit, so keeping a schedule works well for me.  In that vein, I've come up with a weekly blog pattern!

Here it is:
MONDAY -- Kitchen Sink Monday (see the first line of this post for the description)
TUESDAY -- Tutorial Tuesday
WEDNESDAY -- What's New Wednesday (new pop designs, flavors, Etsy shop items, etc)
THURSDAY -- This World Thursday (our take on what's going in the world)
FRIDAY -- Feature Friday (features of other artists, bloggers, products, etc.)
SATURDAY and SUNDAY -- no blogging (these are family days)

So to begin this new adventure in blogging, I give you the very first post in Kitchen Sink Monday!

I'm a youth minister when I'm not cake popping, and Saturday I took a small group of my high school teens to a youth conference.  It was awesome as always!  We were treated to music by a new musician and worship leader, Pasquale Talarico, and by seasoned veteran, Tim Foley of the Celtic music group Skelpin.  Mark Hart (aka The Bible Geek) spoke to us of the importance of reading and loving Scripture in our relationship with Jesus Christ.  We learned from Holly Carney about the necessity of seeking a good and holy community.  We learned from illusionist Danny Ray about the impact our choices have on not only our own lives but those around us (we were also WOWED by his illusions!).  We celebrated Mass and received Jesus in the Eucharist.  The whole event was hosted by Pat Villa, youth minister and co-host of ACTS Teen Catholic Radio in San Diego, and presented by the awesome people at All for God Ministries.  It was a fabulous day!

On Sunday, Kat and I signed the contract for our storage unit.  Now we get to start moving our stuff little by little -- ideally sorting it as we go -- over the next couple of weeks.  We will be fully moved by Halloween.

After the storage place, we stopped by the Street Fair and got new hats!  They're sun hats, very necessary in sunny SoCal, and they were only $10 each -- a bargain!  We also got to sit in on a set by our favorite Celtic duo, The Clachan Boys while munching on Irish Nachos and Loaded Baked Potato Soup at R O'Sullivan's pub & steakhouse.

Lastly, we headed off to work Sunday to host Father Donald Calloway, MIC as he shared with our parish his amazing conversion story.  He went from being almost the farthest away from God that you could possibly get (oh, boy, we're not kidding, either!) to becoming a holy Catholic priest.  Wow.  Amazing, I tell you!

So that's our weekend.  It was a busy one, but we found time to spend together just having fun.  It was a very good weekend, indeed!

~ Pia

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