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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nostalgic Summer: Vintage Meets Modern for the Best of Both Worlds

Our Etsy shop was featured by Renee on her Nostalgic Summer blog on Monday.  Thank you, Renee!  :D  

I'm thankful not only for the feature, which was pretty cool, but also for the chance to be introduced to her blog and her handcrafted products.  Renee makes jewelry.  Not just any jewelry -- she takes vintage pieces that have seen better days and repurposes them for modern uses.  

Do you have some of Grandma's old necklaces and bracelets hiding in the back of your jewelry box, all tangled up or missing parts?  Or maybe they're just not your style but you want to keep them as remembrances?  

Contact Renee, and she can take those old beauties and turn them into new heirloom pieces that you would be proud to wear.  

She even has a Bridal line called, "Something Old, Something New" that offers beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewelry for your wedding day.  Why not ask her to make a new bridal necklace or bracelet from the bride's grandparents' antique jewelry?  Or how about an ultra-special gift for your baby's Baptism or dedication -- a bracelet handcrafted from your own grandparents' jewelry?  I have a gold bangle bracelet that was given to me as an infant.  Each of us eldest granddaughters received identical bracelets.  Mine will go to my own granddaughter (when I have one) on her Baptism day.  It's something I have treasured (and worn!) for many years.  

I think there's just something magical about heirloom and vintage jewelry -- it connects us with the generations that came before and honors our ancestors in a simple yet meaningful way.

Here are a couple of pieces that caught my eye from Renee's Etsy shop.

How perfect is this for the 4th of July?

This bluebird is simply beautiful

Elegance and style

Visit Renee's Etsy shop to check out more of her wonderful jewelry.  Stop by her blog to see what she's working on next.  You just might find yourself opening up your jewelry box to see what treasures lie in wait there to be transformed by Renee into beautiful heirloom pieces for your children and grandchildren, or simply to be handed down to future generations.  I know I did!

~ Pia

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wacky Wednesday Facebook Hop June 29, 2011

Welcome to Wacky Wednesday!  It's a great day for Facebook hopping!  Check out this fun event hosted by Rockin' Deals, Healthy Kids Smart Moms, The Freebie Junkie , and Must Love Coupons.  

All you have to do to participate is go to the event page and check out a whole array of Facebook pages!  As of this writing, there are 46 pages in the hop.  If you want to list yours, too, just follow the directions at the top of the page.  Simple!  Who knows what fun stuff you'll find and how many new friends you'll make hopping around Facebook pages!

So grab a cup of coffee and a cake pop, settle down at your computer, and have a blast at the Wacky Wednesday Facebook Hop!

Don't have cake pops?  We can fix that!  :)

~ Pia

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kat's Birthday Weekend and a Gift for YOU!


Saturday was Kat's 19th birthday!  Hard to believe that my baby girl is already 19!!

The celebration began on Friday with a birthday party for Kat and her good friend/brother, Charlie.  Charlie's wonderful grandma, Sandie (check out her awesome Knitzy Blonde Etsy shop!) throws a party for Charlie every year at this time and she graciously invited us to celebrate Kat's birthday with his!  Charlie agreed to share the day, so Sandie and I got to planning!  We figured just a simple affair with a few family and friends, swimming for the kids, and lots of food!

The spread consisted of three (yes, THREE! Yummmm!) types of pizza, Caesar salad, pancit, and lumpia.  We had root beer floats and rainbow sherbet floats.  We munched on nachos and drank Green Tea.  And we had cake pops!

Charlie is a drummer -- drum cake pops for him!

Kat's nickname is Jellyfish -- jellyfish pops for her!

The kids swam and danced and played music (we all brought various instruments to play) to their hearts' content.

What a great party it was, and it was fun watching as Charlie's friends and Kat's friends got to know one another -- by the end of the evening, there were no separations and all the young people were friends with each other!  

One of the best parts of the event was the presence of Kat's big brother, Ricky.  And not only was he there, but he participated in the festivities!  Here he is lighting the last few candles on the cake:


And here's a close-up of that awesome, delicious carrot cake that Sandie and her husband, Guy bought for the kids:

Don't you just wanna eat it up??  Both families had bought candles, so we had some excellent flame going on!  

On Saturday and Sunday, we went to the San Diego Highland Games.  This has become a tradition for Kat's birthday, and this was our 4th year.  Our good friends are in Highland Way (awesome Celtic band!), so we started going to the Games (and other fun festivals) in 2007 because of them.  In fact, the lead singer was Kat's bodhran (Celtic drum) teacher way back when.


..... and now

Attending the Games and Festivals, we were exposed to the Scottish culture which Kat totally fell in love with.  And so much fantastic world music!!  The Browne Sisters and George Cavanaugh, Molly's Revenge, Alex Beaton......  wowza!  Let's not forget Heloise Love Band!  Heloise was one of the original members of Highland Way.  She has moved on and formed another band, and they're amazing!  

Me with the lovely and talented Heloise Love

So it was at the SD Highland Games in 2009 that Kat and Charlie met, actually.  We were there to support Highland Way, and Charlie was there to sit in with The Wicked Tinkers -- a simply phenomenal bagpipe-and-drum band!  The two met and hit it off right away.  Both being drummers and musicians, loving the Scottish culture and world music, they became fast friends!

When they first met!

Fast forward to this year, and we had a total blast once again!  Front row seats to every performance of our two favorite bands, Highland Way and The Wicked Tinkers,  thanks to some fab coordination between us and Charlie's grandparents, Guy and Sandie.  Hanging out with some of our favorite people, eating yummy Highland Games food, and enjoying the fantastic So Cal weather!

Sandie and Guy!

Thanks to Sandie and Guy, the Wicked Tinkers even posed with Kat for her birthday:

This fun photo was followed by Aaron (2nd from the left) saying, "Wait a minute" and grabbing his bagpipes.  Next thing we knew, the guys were singing -- and piping -- Happy Birthday to my Kat!  What a cool surprise!  She was absolutely tickled!

So we had a great birthday weekend.  Kat had a terrific time with all of our friends and loved ones, and we are still floating from all the fun.  And because we're still so happy-happy, we're passing on the joy to all of you!

From now until 12:00pm (noon) PST on July 1st, everyone who orders one dozen Classic Round cake pops will receive another dozen free!  Yep, FREE CAKE POPS!  Just send us an email telling us what you want to order and how many and we'll send you a Paypal invoice for easy payment.  Orders from this Special will be sent out on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.  Orders must be placed and payment in full received by noon on Friday, July 1st to qualify for this Birthday Special.  Normal shipping charges will apply.

Don't miss out!  You could be munching on yummy, FREE cake pops this time next week!

And THANK YOU to everyone who wished Kat a happy 19th birthday -- you are all soooooo nice!

~ Pia

Monday, June 27, 2011

We Have a Winner!!!

THANK YOU to everyone for playing Blog Bash 2011!  We have been having a blast reading all the comments and visiting FB pages and blogs.  The winner, selected via Random.org, is....... drum roll please.............................  AMY CRAFT!

CONGRATULATIONS, AMY!!  You have won FOUR DOZEN ROUND CAKE POPS in ANY of our Classic and/or Specialty flavors!  We'll send you an email today with the gift codes.  Remember, you can use them all at once, spread them out over a few months, or save them all to use at a later date.  Whatever works best for YOU!

Here's Amy's winning comment, chosen by Random.org:

amy craft said...
I am following your blog
Amy Craft
(email removed for winner announcement post)

Thanks again to everyone for playing!  Hope you won lots of cool stuff from the other sponsors and have found some awesome new blogs to read and FB pages to follow!  Have a great Monday!

~ Pia

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blog Bash 2011!

It's Blog Bash 2011!  Check out this way cool blog hop hosted by Family Approve and enter to win lots of neat prizes!  Between now and June 26, you get to hop around to over 100 different blogs and get a chance to win prizes that are valued at more than $100 each!  Enter as many as you like -- the more giveaways you enter, the more chances you have to win!  So much cool stuff, and so many fantastic blogs to read!

OUR GIVEAWAY is all about -- you guessed it --Cake Pops!  Who doesn't love little bites of cake decorated in fun sprinkles and all kinds of yumminess?  One lucky winner will receive 4 online gift coupon codes for one dozen cake pops each -- that's a total of 4 dozen delicious, fun cake pops: a $120 value!  Spend your online gift coupons whenever and how ever you want -- feel like having 48 delicious cake pops all for yourself?  Go for it!  Have a birthday party coming up and want to save your gift coupons for that event?  No problem!  Want to redeem two coupon codes now and save the rest for later?  We can do that!  It's entirely up to you!  Choose from any of our Classic Round or our Specialty Round flavors!  Mix and match to your heart's content!

Here's how to enter.

1) Follow this blog.  Then leave us a comment here telling us you've done it.

For ADDITIONAL entries,  do the following.  Be sure to leave a comment telling us that you've done each one.  Every completed step is another chance to win!

2) Like us on Facebook.
3) Follow us on Twitter AND announce this giveaway on your own Twitter using the hashtag #BlogBash2011
4) Visit our Etsy shop and tell us which of our pops is your favorite and why.
5) Visit at least three other Blog Bash 2011 sponsors from Family Approve Blog Bash 2011 (see Linky list below) and enter their giveaways!
6) Visit Martha's Digital Creations and leave a comment on her post about our giveaway (thanks, Martha, for giving us that great shout out!)

That's it!  Good luck!  Have fun!  We'll announce the winner on June 27th!

~ Pia

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mini Milk Bottles!

Okay, how cool are these mini milk bottles from Bake It Pretty??  Wait, this photo doesn't do them justice.  Here's another:

Okay.  Better!  Now you can see how petite they really are!  Can you just see yourself sitting down to an icy-cold-milk and cake pop session?  I can!  Mmmmm.... chocolate milk and yummy cake pops...... excellent anytime treat!

I love creative, fun glasses!  Remember those Lord of the Rings glasses that one of the fast food chains was selling a while back?  The ones with the removable light in the bottom so your drink would "glow" when you flipped a switch?  Yep, still have them!  The lights are gone, but the glasses are still here!  I have Winnie the Pooh glassware and Coca-Cola glasses, too!  I just think drinks are more fun in creative glassware!

Here's a photo of the mini milk bottles with a cupcake.  Now, use your imagination and replace that cupcake with this one:

Fun, right??  Makes me want one right now!

Want a set of these Mini Milk Bottles for your own home?  Or even just a single bottle for yourself?  Go to Bake It Pretty and check them out!

~ Pia

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mother-in-Law? Me?? Aw, Shucks....! :)

My eldest daughter announced yesterday that she is engaged to be married!  When I saw that on her Facebook page (welcome to the 21st century, ha ha), I was thrilled!  First, I thought, "Wait, is she even old enough to get married??  And how old does that make me??"  And then I thought, "Wow, I hope they know what they're committing to, and what a marriage covenant really entails."  And then, "Ooh!  Cake Pop wedding cake and favors!!"

I thought a lot of other things, too, just like every mom who's looking at becoming a mother-in-law (aka Enemy No. 1 and the butt of many MIL jokes).  But mostly, they centered around, "This guy better not hurt my little girl if he knows what's good for him.  I am really good at being passive aggressive."  ;)

Selina and her fiance are planning an 18-month engagement.  This gives them time to do the pre-Cana prep through their church, and it gives this mom time to dream about her little girl's fabulous wedding day!

So who's got awesome wedding ideas....?   I'm hoping to do the bride and groom cake pops, of course.  And as soon as Selina picks her colors I'll start brainstorming the other cake pops!

Picked her up from the airport, and her 1st stop was Goldilocks for some Puto!

A mix of Filipino (with Puto and Lumpia and Pancit as definite menu staples) and American food will be served.  Selina absolutely loves Puto!  When she was deployed (Go Navy!), she asked for a box of Puto to be sent to her at sea.  Yep, Filipina at heart, this girl!  Makes her momma proud!  From the Pinoy Food Blog, here's a simple Puto recipe, in honor of my Filipino-food-loving, engaged-to-be-married eldest daughter:

2 cups all-purpose flour (or better yet rice flour)
4 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
3/4 cup sugar
2 cups thick coconut cream (the first press. See 
How to Extract Coconut Cream or you can use coconut powder and follow instructions to make thick cream)
1 teaspoon aniseed
1. Mix all the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl.
2. Add coconut cream to the dry ingredients. Mix until smooth.
3. Add Aniseed
4. Pour into banana-lined muffin tins.
5. Steam for 15 to 20 minutes.

Have fun making (and eating) your Puto!

And when you think of it, please send up a prayer for Selina and Paul as they prepare for the covenant bond they're about to enter.   Thanks so much!

~ Pia

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Support a Worthy Cause and Eat Cake Pops -- Everybody Wins!

We have finally decided on a cake pop that we want to promote as a fundraiser for Intracranial Hypertension (IH) Awareness!  Trust me, that's big news 'cause we've been wracking our brains for two months over this. 

Intracranial Hypertension is a condition in which the body produces more cerebrospinal fluid than it needs.  Cerebrospinal fluid is that liquid in our skulls that cushions the brain and keeps it from getting all dented up and banged around in there.  Well, if there's too much of that fluid it pushes on the brain -- essentially squeezing it -- causing severe headache, dizziness & balance issues, and even blindness.  

IH is also called Pseudotumor Cerebri (PTC) because it seems like there's a tumor in the brain but there isn't.  In fact, to test for the condition they first rule out the presence of an actual brain tumor.  Only 1 in like 100,000 people get this condition, and my youngest daughter Kathleen seems to be one of them.  Just her luck, eh?  :P

Anyway, they're still running test after test and trying med after med to figure this thing out for her.  We're hoping it really isn't IH that she has, but so far most arrows point there so we're gonna go with it until we hear something new.  And hopefully the something new isn't something worse or harder to live with.  She's learned to deal with the pain and other frustrating complications, and doesn't let them get in her way.  The toughest thing -- and I'm sure Kat will agree -- is that she doesn't LOOK sick.  This condition doesn't show, so people often don't believe her when she says she's having what we call a "bad head" day.  Sad, I know!

We're approaching her 2-year anniversary of nonstop headache (a dubious milestone, I admit!) and the only diagnosis that seems to make even a little sense is IH.  Though in her case it's IIH -- Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension -- because they don't know what caused it.  Regular IH, apparently, is cause by head trauma.   Left untreated or undertreated for too long it could result in brain damage, loss of sight, or other not-so-fun stuff, which is why you always see people with possible head injuries rushed off to the ER.  Don't mess with head injuries!  Icky things will result!

So in doing our research over the past couple of years, we found the IHRF website that's dedicated to raising awareness and finding a cure for IH.  We've made friends in the IH community through this awesome invention known as the Internet, and we've found out that there is a whole network of support among IH sufferers.  Don't you just love the Internet!  :D

One of the things we found is that the "official" colors of IH Awareness are blue and green.  It's in the spirit of the IH Awareness colors that we found our inspiration for the IH Awareness cake pops -- they're Classic vanilla bean cake colored (you guessed it) blue and green, blended with yummy buttercream frosting.  The outside can be customized to match any theme or color scheme.  And when your guests bite into the pops and see the blue and green cake, you'll get to tell them that you're raising awareness and funds for a great cause by just buying those uber-delicious and fun cake pops that they hold in their hands!  It's a win-win!

So what does IHRF get out of these cake pops, you ask?  We are giving them a portion of the sale price on all the IH Awareness cake pops that we sell.  We hope that our little contribution to the cause will help fund the research needed to find a cure for this often debilitating condition.  

If you know anyone who's celebrating a big day (or even just because), send them a box of IH Awareness cake pops!  Together, we can find a cure!

~ Pia

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sometimes You Just Have to Do What Has to Be Done

Aron Ralston, author of Between a Rock and a Hard Place

I watched 127 Hours the other night with Kat and Sandie (Zaftig Delights/Knitzy Blonde) and Sandie's grandson, Charlie.  Kat and I had seen this movie in the theatre when it first came out and I vowed never to watch the dvd, it was that heart-wrenching (and I'm not a glutton for punishment).  Well, funny things happen sometimes and we do what we said we'd never do.  I picked Kat up from her visit at Sandie's and guess what they were watching.  Yep.  127 Hours.  Goodness me.  What to do, what to do?  Well, happy to get to hang out with these two people whom I hadn't seen in way too long, I gritted my teeth, got ready to shield my eyes and my heart, and settled in to join them.  

In case you haven't heard the story or read the book or seen the movie, Aron Ralston is an adventurer who went hiking one day in the canyons of Utah in 2003.  Alone.  Without telling anyone where he was going.  Without leaving a note on his kitchen counter with a map and a photo of his destination.  Without updating his MySpace status (okay, I don't know if he even had a MySpace but you can see how it would've been a good idea, right?).  Anyway, you can see where this is heading.  What's that about Murphy's Law again...?  

Aron was having a great time hiking in the wilderness, enjoying his peaceful solitude, communing with nature, when he suddenly found himself in the bottom of a slot canyon, with his hand literally stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Now, I'd heard that phrase many times over the course of my life -- "stuck between a rock and a hard place" -- and I'd always known that it meant one was in a seemingly no-win situation.  I had even felt as though I had been there, done that, and could therefore relate to others who were in dire straits.  But when Aron's story came to light, I realized that I had NO IDEA exactly what that phrase meant -- really, really meant -- for the person in the situation.

It seems that Aron had been hiking this slot canyon (Blue John Canyon in Utah) and was maneuvering his way over and under boulders of various sizes when he decided to use one of them as a sort of stepping stone to the bottom of the canyon.  He tested the stability of the boulder and, satisfied that it wasn't going anywhere, stepped on it.  He climbed over it and was just letting himself down the other side when suddenly the boulder shifted and fell.  At the bottom, finding himself below the falling boulder, Aron instinctively put up his hands and jumped backward in an effort to 1) shield his face and head and 2) get the heck out of the way.  Unfortunately for Aron, the boulder caught his right hand and wedged it against the canyon wall.  OUCH.  Fortunately for Aron, he was otherwise unhurt.  He would make it out okay and have a pretty cool story to tell.  If he could just get his hand unstuck.

James Franco portrays Aron Ralston in the movie, 127 Hours

But Aron couldn't get his hand out.  He tried everything.  Nothing worked.  After spending almost a week alone in that canyon, knowing that rescue was a huge long shot considering no one knew where he was and probably wouldn't even notice he was gone for days, his stuck hand having died and beginning to decompose while still attached to his arm, mulling over his limited options and having run out of food and water, Aron did the unthinkable.  He cut off his own arm.  With a dull pocketknife (which was dull from hacking away at the boulder in an effort to get free -- amputation was definitely NOT his first choice).  With no anesthesia.  Without the presence of kind doctors and nurses who could give him pain meds as needed.  Without benefit of a med school education, specializing in amputation.  Nothing.  No one.  Just Aron.  In a canyon hundreds of feet below the surface.  Near death.  Doing what had to be done if he was going to have even a slim chance of survival.

The multi-use knife Aron used in his amputation

After an hour of excruciatingly difficult self-surgery, Aron was successful.  He fell away from the boulder and hiked out of the canyon, leaving his hand behind.  He and his mom later related how she had been praying fervently for him to hang in there and not give up because people were looking for him (they finally realized he was missing and figured out where he might have gone, thanks to a friend who remembered him mentioning in passing that he wanted to hike the Utah canyons one day) exactly at the moment when he was doing his gruesome work.  Wow.  Talk about coincidence.  If you believe in those.  I believe it was a GOD-incidence.  God had a plan for Aron.  What Aron had to do was make it out of there to fulfill that plan.  Now, before you start asking me if I think God PUT Aron in this situation, let me be clear about saying NO.  We all make our decisions, and we all do whatever it is we're going to do.  But I believe that God can bring good out of every circumstance.  Mrs. Ralston's prayers and those of the people she enlisted to pray for her son did not fall on deaf ears.  God heard and answered His people.  

The Ralston family

Aron felt as though he was all alone down in that canyon.  But he wasn't.  His mom was there, his family and friends were there -- a reality that was portrayed beautifully in the film -- and God was there. Aron received the strength to do what he thought he couldn't do.  He dug down deep into himself and pulled out the grit that it took to cut off his arm and get back to LIFE.  He did his work and got back to the surface no matter what it took.  And now he travels the world, sharing his story of determination and winning against all odds, inspiring others -- like me -- to never give up no matter what life throws at them.

Aron continues to climb, moving onward and upward

Looking at my own life in light of this young man's experience, I can honestly say that NOTHING I have lived through has been so harrowing or required such determination and difficult decision-making as literally cutting off my right arm.  But I have been in dire straits, when there seemed to be no "good" choices.  I've learned (and am still learning) to take the hard road and look ahead toward life, leaving parts of myself behind when necessary in order to survive, and not only to survive but to LIVE -- to enjoy the life that God has given me and keep moving toward the horizon.  

Christmas 1999; shortly before my own "canyon and boulder"  experience

My family fell apart 11 years ago in April.  My kids' dad left after 11 years of marriage, taking our eldest daughter to live with him six months later, and our second eldest daughter six months after that.  Left with the two younger kids, no job, no house, no car, and no prospects, I definitely felt like I was between a rock and a hard place.  For the last 11 years, through many difficult decisions and countless moves, I've been hacking away at that arm of mine that was stuck behind the boulder.  Many times, I've felt alone and unenthusiastic to do what needed to be done -- I wanted to hang on to parts of my life that were essentially dead and decaying, just because they were part of ME.  

Celebrating Ricky's 21st birthday last summer

Cake popping (you were wondering what any of this had to with cake pops, weren't you?) is me finally getting free of the boulder and the canyon and hiking toward the sunshine.  With every business accomplishment and every new client, with every cake pop we make to eat or to sell or to donate, I am ecstatic that I'm once again basking in the sunlight, by the grace of God -- no longer down in that canyon feeling stuck and alone.  Life is GOOD!  And it's getting better!  And I gotta say, it was worth my cutting off my arm to be here.

~ Pia

Monday, June 13, 2011

Elephants and Peanuts and Babies, Oh My!

Click Here to Visit the Simply Swanky blog!

Elizabeth of Swanky Press has done us the great honor of featuring our cake pops in her blog today!   See, in the photo up there, in the upper right corner?  Yep, that's our peanut cake pop!  Custom made just for Elizabeth!

Elizabeth and I met through Martha Stewart's Dreamers into Doers community just last week.  When she approached to ask if we'd be interested in making a peanut pop for her blog, we were thrilled!  When we SAW her blog and explored all the super fun and creative things she shares with her readers (whose circle we have joined), we were ECSTATIC!  It's not often you get the invitation to work with such a talented professional.  So of course, we jumped right in!  :)

Elizabeth said she was putting together a baby shower inspiration board with an Elephant and Peanut theme and asked if we could make a Peanut cake pop to go with it.  She sent us her invitation and we went from there.  A few fun hours creating in the kitchen and voila -- peanut cake pop!

This is a great baby shower, and we are glad to be part of it.  Be sure to visit all the vendors featured in this inspiration board -- share the love!  :)

As a bonus, included in today's post from her Simply Swanky blog, Elizabeth is offering a DOUBLE GIVEAWAY featuring fellow Dreamer into Doer The Lucky Elephant (whose jewelry is stunning) and us -- you could win a beautiful elephant bracelet (check it out in the photo above) AND two dozen Classic Round cake pops of your choice!  The contest begins today and runs through Friday.  Go on over to Simply Swanky to check it out and join the fun!  Let Elizabeth know we sent you.  :)

~ Pia

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tea Time

We donated some of our pops to a church fundraiser last month.  Started out as part of a Silent Auction, but then they decided to do a Live Auction instead -- featuring our goodies!  Here's what we had made for the event:

We packaged them into sets so that the winner of the Silent Auction could give them away as gifts if they wanted to (who's going to eat that many cake pops alone.... besides me, ha ha!).

This is a shot of one of the guests perusing our pops.  It's from is the beginning of the event, when we were still part of the Silent Auction.  We already we had a bid of $50.  :)

Then they decided to have a Live Auction using only our cake pops!  Turned out the individual little gift sets made them perfect for that, and it was fun watching people trying to outbid each other!

This fun gift set with three pops in an ice cream glass fetched a winning bid of $20.  These are vanilla pops -- my son tells me they taste like those pink & white circus animal cookies by Mother's Cookies.  Cool!

This pail containing three bonneted babies raised $17.  They are Cafe Mocha cakes, making these pops perfect for the new mom and dad who need a little caffeine to help them through the first few sleepless nights!

These are the babies when we let them out to play before the packaging session.

We packaged these on a sugared tray with a couple of fun stickless cupcake pops.  Chocolate Dream cake inside and Cookies 'n Cream sprinkles outside.  Elegant and delicious!

This gift set brought a winning bid of $20 from a very happy trio of young girls.  The cupcakes are Lemon Splash.

Even the gift certificates for one dozen round cake pops were auctioned off separately.  They went for $26 each, and we had four in the mix.

And of course, we made some Teapot pops.  It was a Women's Tea, after all.  :)  These were fun to have as part of the table settings at one of the tables.

We had a great time with the all the guests.  We were pleased that our pops raised a total of over $200 for the church of St. Timothy.  All-in-all, it was a great day with some wonderful people for a really good cause.  Let's do it again next year!

Check out our Etsy shop or click on our Menu tab for more fun pops!  In the San Diego area?  Invite us over for a Dip 'n Decorate party or come to one of our Cake Popping classes -- click our Classes and Parties tab for more info!

~ Pia