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Sunday, December 18, 2011

'Tis the Season

Jolly old St. Nicholas

For Santa cake pops!  We were so excited to get an order for Santas and Snowmen.  We already had the snowmen down pat (though Kat is itching to try a variation on the Charlie theme... pics to come!), so we devoted ourselves to the Santa pops.  What to do for the fur on his hat?  We considered mini marshmallows, tufted up candy melts, and snow sugar crystals.  We decided on non-pariels.  I like the way they turned out, don't you?

So Cal Santa!

Next was the decision on his facial features.  We bought some candy eyes, but they didn't seem to be right for his "look" (pardon the pun).  So we experimented with a couple of different painted-on versions instead. First was the sunglasses.  He looks very Hollywood, ha ha.  We wanted him to look more grandfatherly, though, so we tried something else.  The result is the photo at the top of this post.

Evolution of a Santa pop.... but not in the right order.

Here is a shot with all three Santa versions.  The guy on the far right was our first attempt.... kinda scary looking with those beady eyes, no?  

All packed up and ready to go!

So here is our client's finished order!  All the Charlies have red ribbon scarves, which you can't see very well 'cause of the red tissue paper in the box.  

Now we're going to make a whole bunch more Santa and Snowman pops as Christmas gifts for our family and friends.  :)

Happy Sunday,

Friday, December 16, 2011

Charlie the Snowman

Kim and her dad at KC Bakes are hosting another fantastic cake pop contest, with a winter holiday cake pop stand as the prize!  We would sure love to win that stand.  We have entered Kat's creation, Charlie the Snowman cake pops.  Would you vote for our cake pops, please? 

One catch.... the contest ends today.  We've been so busy filling Christmas orders that I haven't had a chance to hop onto the blog since Monday... I can't believe how quickly the week has flown! You'll have to get your vote in right away if you want to help us win.  Pretty please?  With sugar on top?

To vote, click on the photo of our Charlie the Snowman basket at the top of this post and "Like" it.  Voting ends at 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time today.

Thank you so much for checking it out and for voting for our holiday cake pops.  We really do appreciate all your wonderful support!

Have a great weekend,

Monday, December 12, 2011

Last night, we had our Advent Evening of Reflection with the teens at our church.  We started the evening as we start all of our monthly large group gatherings, with a potluck supper in the social hall.  The teens spent the first hour talking and laughing, scarfing down their meal and then feasting on the desserts.  For some reason, most of the main dishes that were brought happened to be some sort of pasta.  That's the first time that's ever happened, like the kids who brought it were all on the same wavelength.  It was kind of cool.  But I digress.

We had set up different stations in two of the rooms of the hall, each station with an item and an instruction sheet on how to do the reflection there.  Our stations included a Nativity set, candles, a Bible, an image of Christ the King, and a statue of the Infant Jesus in a manger.  At the end of the hall, we made the Room of Silence.  In this room, the teens were given tasks to do without speaking.  The tasks ranged from lying on the floor and resting for a couple of minutes to sculpting a reflection on Advent out of Play-Doh.

After supper, each of the teens was given a journal and a pen and told to go prayerfully and quietly to each of the stations.  There was no set order, no time limit, and they were not assigned to small groups.  They were on their own to explore and experience each station at their own pace.  We had a monitor in each room in case anyone needed help or had questions.

As the teens completed the whole rotation, they drifted back into the main hall.  I gathered them in small groups and asked them to share with me and one another what impacted them during this exercise.  They gave wonderful answers about envisioning themselves far from the stable (Nativity set station) and determining that they wanted to try harder to get closer to Jesus this Christmas.  They spoke boldly about feeling the warmth of Christ's light (candle station) and seeing sin and apathy as things that brought them farther away from that Light and warmth, and wanting to change their lives to remain as close to the Light as possible. For every station, they shared deep and intimate reflections.

What struck them most, they said, was the Room of Silence.  When we talked about that experience in their small groups, the teens lit up and shared how that was their favorite time of the evening.  They told about the need for quiet in their own lives, away from the stress of homework and jobs; their desire for silence amid the constant noise of TV and i-Pods, cell phones and video games.  They shared how they enjoyed just lying on the floor in complete silence with nowhere else to be, nothing else to do, and no obligations tugging at them.  It was a lesson in stilling their spirits and resting in Jesus.  And it was one that they embraced.

We prayed at the end of the night that they would each find (or take, if need be) just two minutes each day over these Advent and Christmas seasons to experience that silence, to find just a moment to rest in the arms of Jesus and let Him love them.  That's what we all really need, I think, especially during this Christmas shopping season when we're not only doing everything we normally do but also running everywhere trying to hunt down the perfect gift or decoration.  In all the hustle and bustle of life's demands, when we're being pulled in so many different directions that it almost feels like we might just fall apart, what we need most is to take a time out to lie down for just two minutes and let the God of the Universe love us.

I for one am going to take a few silent minutes to ponder the great gift that God gave us, the gift we celebrate on Christmas Day, and rest in the arms of the One who loves me so much that He came to earth to die for my sins and to teach me how to live so that I can spend my eternity loving Him.

My prayer for each of you is that you, too, will find (or take) the time to rest this holiday season -- even if it's only for two minutes each day.

~ Pia

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Marshmallow Snowmen

We don't get a lot of snow in San Diego.  But we do love snowmen!  Kat let her creative juices flow a few weeks ago and made these cute treats for our Christmas Boutique.  She hand painted their faces and everything!  They are available in our Etsy shop, made fresh for you to give away or enjoy -- or both -- this holiday season.  No muss, no fuss, just place your order and you'll find a dozen of these whimsical guys in your mailbox by Christmas!

Want to make some of your own?  Read on, my friend.... read on!

large marshmallows -- three for each snowman
mini M & M candies -- three for each snowman
melting chocolate in white chocolate and milk chocolate varieties
edible markers (we use Americolor brand)
12-inch lollipop sticks -- one for each snowman
microwaveable bowls for melting the chocolate
tall drinking glass for dipping
styrofoam block or wooden cake pop stand (KCBakes has some awesome stands!)

1)  Melt your white chocolate by placing it in a microwaveable bowl and popping it in the microwave at 50% power for several minutes.  You will need to stir the chocolate every 30 seconds to be sure it heats evenly and doesn't scorch.  When it's nice and smooth, it's ready to use.

2) Prepare your snowmen.  Skewer three marshmallows on each stick, sliding them down as necessary and being sure they are snug up against each other.  Don't let the stick poke out of the top marshmallow; only go about halfway through that one.

3) Pour your melted chocolate into a drinking glass so it's about 3/4 full.  Dip your skewered marshmallows by turning the stick upside-down and dipping 'til the chocolate covers the last marshmallow completely and overlaps onto the stick.

4) Carefully pull the whole thing out.  Life straight up so nothing touches the sides of the glass, or your snowman will look all funky.  Let the excess chocolate drip off, then add the three mini M & M's on the front before the chocolate dries.  These will be the snowman's buttons.

 5)  Place the dipped treat upright into your styrofoam block or pop stand.

6) Repeat for all the snowmen, re-melting the chocolate as necessary to keep it fluid.

7) Melt your milk chocolate by following the instructions in Step 1 above.

8) One at a time, dip just the very top of each snowman into the milk chocolate.  This will be the snowman's hat.  Let the excess drip off, then place each snowman back into the stand.

9)  Using your edible markers, paint the face and arms onto each snowman.

That's it!  All done and ready to wrap in cellophane and give to your family and friends!

We hope you have fun making this treat!  And if you don't want to make it yourself, feel free to let us do all the work -- just click here to order our Snowman Christmas Treats and we'll have them in your hands by Christmas.

~ Pia

Friday, December 9, 2011

Here Comes Santa Claus

photo courtesy of FreeChristmasWallpapers.net

Santa is coming in just a couple of weeks!  Are your Christmas Eve goodies all planned for him?  No?  That's okay!  Here are a few ideas on what to leave as a treat and a thank you to Ol' St. Nick himself.  Click on the photos to learn more.

First things first.  He's gotta get in the house!  If your home is like our former dwelling, you don't have a fireplace.  Hmmm.... dilemma.... how will Santa get in so he can leave all those wonderful presents under the tree?  Why, with a special Christmas key, of course!  This key from Charles Locksmith is exactly the kind we had when my children were little.  Just leave it on your front porch or a balcony railing, and Santa will have no problem getting in.  This is also nice if you have used your fireplace on Christmas Eve and the ashes might still be hot.  Can't have Santa getting burnt on his way down!  Christmas key to the rescue!  :)

Ah, the tradition of leaving out a plate of cookies for Santa!  He must get an awful lot of cookies, don't you think?  How many big ol' cookies can one man eat, anyway?  Even if he munches as he flies around, there's no way he can eat all those cookies!  What to do, what to do..... Well, how about making some MINI COOKIES for him this year?  Better yet, some mini Gingerbread cookies!  Gingerbread is Santa's favorite, after all.  Right?  Sure!  Bakerella has a great little recipe and tutorial on her blog for making these delightful Gingerbread heads and Snowmen.  Nice and small, they're handy to munch on without getting overly full.  And they will fit nicely in his pocket in case he wants to save some for Mrs. Claus!

All those lovely cookies deserve a beautiful PLATE on which to serve them!  This Christmas tree melamine plate from Swanky Press is PERSONALIZED.  You can have Santa's name put on it, or Merry Christmas, or maybe even Cookies for Santa (if that fits)!  Santa will have no problem knowing your cookies were made just for him when you set them out on this beautiful plate, and it will last for many years so you can use it again and again.  Hmmm.... I think there's a new tradition brewing in here someplace...!

Don't forget the MILK!  He needs some lovely, cool, delicious milk with which to wash down those awesome cookies.  But let's face it, Santa's a busy guy -- places to be, gifts to deliver all in one night -- he doesn't have time to hang around drinking a glass of milk.  How do we solve this little conundrum?  Enter Bake Me Happy and their 8-oz. milk bottles!  Now Santa won't have to stay in one place to enjoy his snack; he can take it with him!  And guess what..... the milk bottle is PLASTIC so he doesn't have to worry about breakage while he's balancing it among all the gifts in his sleigh!  Do you like the label?  It's included!!  You get a printable file!  Oh, Santa will love his stylin' milk bottle, don't you think?

While Santa's in the house delivering your gifts and having himself a little snack, how about treating his hard-working reindeer to some yumminess, too?  Sprinkle some of this wonderful Magic Reindeer Food from Ragtag Paper out in front of your house and Santa's reindeer will love you!  As a bonus, the magical brilliance of this reindeer food will sparkle in the moonlight so the reindeer will be better able to find your house.  How cool is that??

Well, Santa got his cookies and milk and he's sure to bring some home to share with Mrs. Claus.  Because, again, he can't possibly eat all those cookies from all those houses all by himself!  His reindeer have their yummy magic reindeer food.  Who are we forgetting...?  Oh yes!  The elves!!  They work hard all year to make the gifts that Santa delivers!  How about making some little treats for them, too?  Check out these tiny donuts from The Unconfidential Cook's blog.  They were made by the cook's daughter, Emma!  She made little cakes, little "ice cream cones", and even little pizzas!  Everything is elf-size!!  I especially like the donuts because they fit nicely in a little mint tin so Santa can just stick them in his pocket and bring them home to his elves.

So there you have it.  Everything you need to let Santa and his crew know how much you appreciate all their hard work.  Have fun, and Merry Christmas!

~ Pia

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Southern Lassies -- A Christmas Tradition!

One of my most vivid childhood memories is making Southern Lassies with my mom.  These mini pecan pies were so incredibly easy to make and absolutely delicious that we made them all the time, but ESPECIALLY at Christmas!  We would each put on our apron and pull out the special mini muffin pans, gather the ingredients, and spend the afternoon baking away -- working together, side by side, chatting a little and having fun.  Such special memories!  No wonder I love baking!

Imagine, if you will, a crispy-crunchy sugary top hiding an ooey-gooey ultra delicious filling inside a flaky-buttery crust.  Oh my goodness, my mouth is watering already!  My mom got the recipe from her friend, Mrs. Baker way back when I was little, and it's one of the few recipes that we make still today.  My kids grew up on Southern Lassies, and my friends have also been treated to this treat's yummy goodness.  In fact, when my cousins (who are now grown with families of their own) first came over from the Philippines so many years ago, one of the first things we taught them was how to make Southern Lassies!  The youngest of those cousins asked about them just last week.  She and her husband might just be getting a batch in the mail for Christmas.  Maybe.

I am sad to say that I no longer have the original recipe to share with you (lost in a move during college -- I just keep asking my mom to remind me how to make them, ha ha), but I found this one online tonight and it looks about right!  Notice the title of the recipe, though.... Pecan Tassies???  Well, okay.  Actually, whenever I mention Southern Lassies that's the first thing I hear:  "Oh!  You mean Pecan Tassies!"  Umm, no I don't.  They're called Southern Lassies.  But if you want to call them something else, that's okay with me.  As long as we get to make them and eat them!  :)

Go check out the website where I found this recipe card (click on the image), and you'll read an interesting little story about how it was found in a large collection somewhere.  Well.... wait ..... that's actually all the story there is.... Still, it's interesting.  I love that this recipe was found and preserved and shared in its wonderful, handwritten form.  In this age of keyboards, the handwritten word is such a treasure!  I don't know who the lady is that wrote down this recipe, but I thank her for it.  And I thank whoever found it and posted in online for me to find, too.  This treat is such an ingrained part of my history that I don't know what I would do if I suddenly couldn't make it anymore.

I can't wait until Kat and I make some Southern Lassies together this year!  We'll use this recipe, since it's so close to the one we had.  And because I really don't want to bug my mom yet again, ha ha.  Or maybe that has become part of the Christmas tradition, too?  Not sure.

~ Pia

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

All I Want for Christmas

Ah, the second week of Advent!  Preparing our hearts and our homes for Christmas: spending more time in prayer and reading more Scripture, figuring out what to get for each of the people on our gift list, planning this year's Christmas card, making plans for where and how to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  We're listening to Christmas carols on the radio, watching Christmas movies on Hulu, drinking eggnog, and practically suffocating under the weight of all this wrapping paper, ha ha!  Oh, what a magical time of the year!

I've been asked by more than a few people, "So Pia, what do you want for Christmas?" At the risk of sounding like a broken record (is anyone old enough to remember what that sounds like besides me?  Ha ha!), for the third Christmas in a row, my answer is this:

Great graphic by Angie (click to go to her FB page)

Kat has been suffering from IH since late summer 2009.  That's over two years now.  Two years of nonstop headache and other debilitating symptoms and countless doctor/hospital/ER visits without a cure or any real relief in sight.  Pain meds don't help her, not even the strongest ones out there.  Many people we know still don't even believe that what she has is a "real" disease.

It's hard as a mom to watch your daughter suffer so much all the time and not be able to do anything about it.  It's even harder to see her have to deal with people who have no sympathy for her and cut her no slack, and even accuse her of faking it to get attention.  And yet, that's exactly what she and so many other IH sufferers experience every day.

This was Kat and me in 2008.  The first photo in this post was also taken that year.  Wow, I miss those days!  See her bright eyes and easy smile?  Yep, that was my girl!

This was her last summer:

And this:

And this:

Not exactly the state in which I want my youngest girl to be, you know?  But this has become our "normal".  Every day.  Every night.  All the time in between.  Pain, pain, and more pain.  And Kat is not the only one suffering from this awful rare disease.  We have met so many through Facebook just this year -- children, adults, male and female.  This disease does not discriminate, despite what the doctors tell you.  Anyone can get it.  And many, like Kat, don't even know how they did.

It's time to make IH known.  It's time to raise awareness and raise funds.  It's time to find a cure!

So how can you help me get my Christmas gift this year?  Visit the Intracranial Hypertension Research Foundation's website by clicking on the blue and green awareness ribbon above.  Learn about IH.  Share that info with your family and friends.  Donate to the IH Research Foundation to help fund research for a cure.

You can order one of these cool lapel pins or a t-shirt or a bracelet, and the proceeds will go toward finding a cure for IH.  Every little bit helps, and all of it is greatly appreciated.  You really can make a difference, no matter what size your gift is.

Please help us find a cure.  Because right now, the only thing that gives Kat any relief is this:

And that lasts only about 5-6 hours and then the headache is back, accompanied by back pain.

An alternative treatment is this:

Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt

Brain surgery to divert the excess cerebrospinal fluid from her brain to her abdomen.  A temporary fix that has its own severe complications.  Brain surgery that doesn't necessarily eliminate the headache, only lessens it.  According to her neurologist, the best we can hope for with this surgery would be to save her eyesight and she will likely continue to have the headache.  So with no other option, we're in talks with Kat's medical team to consider having this done sooner rather than later.

There is a cure out there.  Somewhere.  Let's find it.  Together.  So that Kat and all the other men, women, and children who suffer from this disease can go back to living normal, healthy, pain free lives.

~ Pia

La Belle Parties

Today we spotlight Stefani Khan of La Belle Parties!  She is one of our fab four sponsors for the Blog Bash Christmas giveaway.  Stefani is a talented party planner who creates wonderful printables for all sorts of occasions!  Please read on to hear from Stefani in her own words.

Umi Zoomi Party

I am a wife, a mommy, a teacher, and new on my list is Party Planner.  I love adding personal touches to everything.  In my dream world, my home would be perfectly organized and spotless and look like a cross between Pottery barn and fabulous flea market makeovers, and I am totally addicted to drinking Go Girl and Starbucks Non-Fat Chai Tea Lattes!

Let It Snow Party

I am truly blessed with an amazing family.  I have a wonderful husband (who helps out with his fabulous treat making), and four amazing boys that I often refer to as wild things.  {{smile}}  They are 13, 3-year-old twins, and 1.  Needless to say, there is never a dull moment at our house and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Keep Calm and Drink Lemonade

After years of helping family and friends plan parties, I am so excited to finally be living my dream of being a party planner!  I am so thrilled to be able to share my creations in my own Etsy shop!  I LOVE creating and sharing my passion with everyone!  I have sooooo many ideas bouncing around in my head and I can't wait to start listing all of them for you!

Fall in Love Printable Shower Package

Thank you for the great introduction, Stefani!  We love that your husband is so involved, and that your boys are your inspiration.  It's so cool to see a business rise out of the passion you have for celebrating your family!  

We encourage all of our readers to hop on over to Stefani's Etsy Shop: La Belle Parties.  She has some awesome printables for you in designs to fit every style!  And since she's a party planner, she can help you with your questions about guest lists and decor and all that fun stuff!  Your own personal Party Planner!  How cool is that???

Stefani has been generous enough to offer a $45 gift certificate for anything in her Etsy shop as a prize for our Blog Bash Christmas giveaway!  But hurry if you want to win, because the giveaway ends at midnight tonight! 

You can find Stefani here:

~ Pia

Monday, December 5, 2011

Kat Roedell, Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

The third Sponsor Spotlight in our Blog Bash Christmas giveaway is focused on Kat Roedell of Mary Kay Cosmetics!  Kat is an Independent Beauty Consultant with years of business experience, and she's ready to help you look your best!  Here's Kat's story, in her own words.

Facial Moisturizer

I started my Mary Kay business in September 2011.  I had recently moved to Florida, was new to the area, and in a new stage of my life.  I started my business so that i could get my own product, since I moved over 1,200 miles away from my Mary Kay director and friend -- Linda Horne!  Linda is always so positive and upbeat, her example spoke to me about the quality of the organization.  She sent me an email invitation to become an Independent Beauty Consultant so I signed up, got my sales kit, started reading, and began to realize the alignment between Mary Kay and my personal beliefs.

MKMen Skin Care

I've run several small businesses throughout my life.  I've worked for big companies, small companies, family-run companies, and in civil service.  I have my degree in Management and Information Technology, and through analysis of what works and what doesn't work, I have realized a few core things.  Any business I work with has to have integrity and a purpose.  It has to have a great quality product, and it has to have the same business standards that I have -- great customer service, great training, and a willingness to help other people.  Mary Kay Ash founded her company on the Golden Rule and everything I've read, I've seen, and I've heard so far supports that.

Bella Belara Eau de Parfum

This business has allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone, meet new people, and teach others about being positive, taking care of their skin, and accentuating their personal beauty.  It's also allowed me to decide the hows, whys, and whens of my business, which we don't get to do in our normal 9-5's.

Satin Hands Pampering Set

With an awesome professional website that is easy to maintain, and web cam consultations, I am not limited to my physical location to run my business -- which is great, because in this new social age my friends are all over the world!  I get to do all this and it's fun!  I really love what I do.  I hope to talk to you so that I can pass that joy forward!

Sun Care Collection

Thank you for sharing your story, Kat!  Integrity, a quality product, and personal customer service -- all this adds up to a fantastic shopping experience.  And you get Kat as your own personal Beauty Consultant!  People pay oodles for that, but with Kat it all comes with the package.  Wonderful!  Kat and Mary Kay have all your beauty and skin care needs in one spot:  makeup, skin care, men's products, even fragrances!  Take a look, contact Kat for your webcam consultation, and look your best at all those holiday parties!

Don't forget to stop by our Blog Bash Christmas giveaway to enter for your chance to win a fabulous Beauty and Skin Care Package!  A $50 value, it comes complete with your own, personalized, webcam consultation!

You can find Kat here:
email -- katroedell@marykay.com

~ Pia

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Life Is Balance

Welcome to part two of our Sponsor Spotlight for the Blog Bash Christmas giveaway event!  We are pleased as punch to introduce to you Sheryl Checkman of  Life Is Balance.  Sheryl is a graphic designer with a passion for the outdoors.  She combined this passion with her graphic design skills and Life Is Balance is the happy result!  We'll let Sheryl tell you in her own words.

Join the Performance Short Sleeve Theater Shirt

Skiing?  I love it.  Swimming?  Can't get me out of the water.  Scuba diving?  A fanatic.  Yoga, bike riding, photography... these are other hobbies that make me smile.  For work, I'm a graphic designer.  I started my company, Checkman Design, Inc. in 1992 after leaving my position as Vice President, manager of Design Services at Burson-Marsteller, a global public relations agency headquartered in New York City.  But as you already can see, I'm not just a designer.  I'm also an avid sportswoman.  All the activities I do -- work and play -- together make me who I am.  They create a balance.

Neutral Bouyancy Scuba Long Sleeve T-Shirt

One day, I had an idea for a design that represented the scuba diver in me.  I was looking at the simple symmetry of a yin yang symbol and I saw a scuba design.  In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang (heaven and earth) represent two opposing yet complementary forces, or energies, that are said to be found in nature.  One cannot exist without the other.  They create balance.  In each curved half of the symbol, I saw the shape of a fish... really!  I added a diagonal white stripe representing the universal symbol for a dive flag, and my first Life Is Balance design was born!

Protect and Preserve Environment (closeup of graphic)

Life is Balance is a new line of branded apparel designed to celebrate the balance we add to our lives through sports and activities that make us smile.  Because that's what life is all about, isn't it?  Life Is Balance is committed to quality.  Our t-shirts both look and feel good.  They are so soft that you won't want to take them off.

Parenting - Create and Nurture Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Our goal is to be 100% responsible.  Our shirts are made in factories free of sweat shop conditions and that do not employ child labor.  The factories also are WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) Certified.  The shirts are printed in the USA.

Exceed Limitations Martial Arts Short Sleeve T-Shirt

We have a design that will speak to just about anyone, from the avid golfer or tennis player to the ski or snowboard fanatic.  Are you a scuba diver?  A gymnast?  Practice yoga or martial arts?  Like to run or bike?  How about swimming or sailing?  Surfing or kayaking?  We've got a shirt for you and just about anyone on your gift list.  And if we don't, then just drop us a line and we'll try to add your request to our product line.

Ride High Windsurfing T-Shirt (close up of design)

Thank you, Sheryl, for your introduction!  Wow, how COOL is this concept?  And the resulting designs are creative and classic!  Whatever your favorite sport or activity, Sheryl will work with you to select the right shirt to represent it well!

We hope you will check out Life Is Balance for your gift-giving needs this holiday season.  If you're looking for a unique gift for that hard-to-shop-for person on your list, this is it!

Don't forget to enter our Blog Bash Christmas giveaway for a chance to win an awesome woman's Peace Symbol t-shirt!

You can find Sheryl and her stylish apparel here:

~ Pia

Henderson-Rubin Creative Design Studio

Allow us to introduce to you the wonderful people who are sponsoring the prizes for this year's Blog Bash Christmas giveaway!  We asked each sponsor to share with us a little something about themselves and their companies, and we are excited to share their responses with you!

First up is Lisa Henderson-Rubin of Henderson-Rubin Creative Design Studio. Lisa is a graphic designer.  She creates beautiful, customizable party accessories and stationery that you can print in the convenience of your own home!  Choose your celebration theme, tell Lisa the guest of honor's name and the details of the party, and she'll take care of the rest.  Then just print everything right at home from the high resolution digital file that she will email to you within 48 hours of your final approval.  Yes, YOU approve the design before she completes anything!  How awesome is that???  And the beauty of it is that you get to print however many you need!  Run out of cupcake toppers or thank you notes?  No problem -- just print some more!  Need more address labels or invitations?  They're only a printer away!

Read on for a few words from Lisa Henderson-Rubin herself.

Hop on the Bus Printable Birthday Package

Henderson-Rubin Creative Design was lanuched in March 2011.  I create personalized printable party products and stationery designs.  My service also includes graphic design, logo design, and web graphics.  It's been a dream of mine for many years to start my own graphic design business.  Through the years, I have been designing my son's birthday party invitations as a creative outlet.  After much research and planning, I took a leap of faith and opened my Etsy shop.

Personalized Stationery

I have a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design.  i learned my business skills from my jobs in the corporate world.  I keep my design skills up to date by taking workshops, reading design literature, and just continuing to design every day.

Snowflake and Penguin Holiday Set (includes wrapping paper!)

What I love about being my own boss is making all the decisions and having flexibility to spend time with my boys.  The best piece of business advice I can give is: Do your research, make a plan, and set up a support system.  Above all, believe in yourself.  The best piece of business advice that someone gave me:  Don't underestimate the power of social media with respect to your business.  It's a powerful tool to utilize.

Garden Party Printable Package

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