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Friday, May 27, 2011

Father's Day is Just Around the Corner

Surprise the Dad in your life with a fun Father's Day cake pop basket!

We're offering cake pops in your choice of flavor -- Chocolate Dream, Strawberry Sensation, Vanilla Bean, and Red Velvet -- and in a variety of shapes!  Select a Superdad cake pop with a basket of red and blue round pops.  Or how about a basket of Basketball pops?  Or Baseball pops?  Does your dad like to fish?  We have Fishing Bobber pops, too!

Just let us know which shapes you'd like and in what flavors.  We'll do the rest!

Father's Day Cake Pop Baskets are available in two sizes.  Half-dozen baskets are $20 plus shipping (if applicable).  Full-dozen baskets are $36 plus shipping (if applicable).  

We deliver locally, so just ask if you'd like us to deliver your basket to your dad!  Delivery charges will apply.

Orders must be placed by June 9th to ensure that they arrive by Father's Day.

Get a basket for each of the awesome dads in your life!  Grandpas, dads, stepdads, new dads, all dads will love these cake pops!

~ Pia

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Special Deliveries

Everyone loves a special delivery.  Whether it's a surprise flower bouquet at work, birthday balloons in the school cafeteria, or an unexpected gift in the mail, special deliveries make us feel..... well..... special!  We would like to help you let someone in your life know how special he or she is to you by personally bringing that someone a Cake Pop Fusion Special Delivery Basket.

What a great way to say Get Well Soon or Congrats on the New Baby!  We'll personally bring your Special Delivery Basket to the hospital for you!

Want to say I Love You or Happy Birthday?  Just tell us where to bring your Special Delivery Basket!

Turn any order into a Special Delivery for only $15!  We'll include a personalized gift card and  package your cake pops into a beautiful and fun presentation.  And of course, we'll deliver your basket, too!

Ordering is easy -- simply send us an email at CakePopFusion@gmail.com telling us what flavor you'd like your cake pops to be (choose anything on our Cake Pop Menu page), where you would like us to deliver the basket, who it's for, what you're celebrating, what you'd like the card to say, and when you need the recipient to receive it.  Include your phone number in case we have any questions about your order.  That's it!  We'll reply with an order confirmation and get right to work on your Special Delivery as soon as we receive your payment.

We do have a limited delivery area, so please ask to be sure we serve that location.

Contact us today to let us know how we can help you make someone's day with a Cake Pop Fusion Special Delivery!

~ Pia

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Importance of Taste Testing

Chella enjoys one of our Strawberry Sensation cake pops

So Kat and I stopped by the cupcake boutique at our local mall the other day.  We pass by this little shop every time we go to the mall, and I find myself drawn by its bright, vibrant colors and its promise of delectable treats in which to indulge.  The cupcakes in this shop all look soooooo yummy!  And they're out there on display in big glass cases, just beckoning to me to try one.  Most days, I suppress my desire for this bite-size yumminess and let Kat lead me right on past -- after first stopping to get a good eyeful, of course!

This day was different.  I insisted on at least trying their Red Velvet because I have to know what it's supposed to taste like.  Not being a previous fan of Red Velvet myself, I have been guessing that my Red V cake pops taste like they're supposed to even though they don't have much taste to me.  People tell me my Red V is great and they love it, but I'm just that insecure...... and looking for a reason to buy one of those mini cupcakes from that boutique!  So Kat acquiesced and I bought a beautiful Red Velvet mini cupcake.  And a Chocolate Peanut Butter mini cupcake, too.  Hey, as long as we were already making a purchase, right?

These mini cupcakes were lovely to behold!  Absolutely beautiful in presentation -- so much so that it almost seemed a shame to bite into them.  But after duly admiring each one, Kat and I both tried a bite of each (my eagerness far surpassing hers, I admit).  We were sorely disappointed.  The cakes were so dense that they seemed downright stale -- akin to biting into a piece of floral foam.  No, really.  I kid you not.  Both mini cupcakes had the same consistency.  And the frosting was so sickeningly sweet that it totally overpowered the cake flavor.  So I tried a bite without the frosting.  And promptly understood why they wanted to mask the flavor of the cake.... or was it that they were just trying to add some moisture so I wouldn't think I was biting into the Sahara Desert?  Either way, Kat and I were definitely not happy.  We won't go back to that shop again.

So the lesson I took away from this little adventure -- I had to get something for my $4.00, right? -- was this: TASTE TEST YOUR PRODUCT.  Yes, presentation is important and we definitely have a high standard for that in our cake pops.  But taste is just as important.  Every batch we make, we will try one of the pops.  Just to be sure it feels right and tastes right and is a joy to devour (or daintily munch, whichever the case may be).  I do not ever want someone to have one of our pops and experience what Kat and I experienced at that little cupcake boutique.  Ever.  So we'll eat however many pops it takes to ensure the right taste and consistency in every batch.  It's a sacrifice we're willing to make.  :)

~ Pia

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's an Etsy Morning

So we finally listed our wares on Etsy!  I'd been intending to do it for weeks but never got around to it.  Then Kat and I visited our good friend Sandie (KnitzyBlonde on Etsy) who gave us all the encouragement we needed!  So check out our Etsy Shop and let us know how we can serve you!  We'll be adding and updating that shop frequently.  Be sure to swing by often!  :D

~ Pia

Monday, May 16, 2011

Graphic Designer

For all who have been asking about contact info for our graphic designer, here it is!

His name is Ernesto Che Gonz├ílez Marmolejo.  His email address is echeglz@gmail.com -- drop him a line!  He's working on our business cards now, and stick tags, too!

We're soooooooooo blessed to have found such a talented, honest, and amazing graphic designer!

~ Pia

Saturday, May 14, 2011

We Have a Logo!

So here's my original thought.....  The sketch I did by hand was actually more elegant -- the box was a bracket box, really pretty, that didn't translate well to my limited knowledge of Paint, ha ha!

Here's a "working logo" attempt that I came up with in Paint (again, limited skills in that department), and I thought it wasn't half bad:

But Kat insisted that we go with something more trendy and less cartoony -- a logo that will go well with whatever style of event we serve, from children's birthday parties to beautiful wedding receptions.

So I turned to my awesomely wonderful Facebook friends to ask for help.   And they totally came through!  We made a fantastic connection with a graphic artist who happens to be the husband of one of our page "fans" and he came up with this:

Isn't it just AWESOME?????  All I said was that I wanted to definitely have the "CPF" initials in there somewhere.  The rest is ALL him!!!  Oh my goodness, I'm beside myself with joy!  I showed the draft to Kat and Ricky, and they absolutely loved it, too!  And Deb got so excited that she's ready to put our new logo on t-shirts and bags and everywhere else we can imagine!  Ha ha, and that was the reaction from just the draft!  Wait 'til they see this final image!!

Here's the crop for when we need only the minimal logo part:

So sleek, so stylish, and definitely perfect for all occasions!  Watch our posts for the contact info for this amazing graphic designer!  You will surely want to hire him for your design needs!  I know we will definitely go back to him whenever we need more work done for us!

~ Pia

Friday, May 13, 2011

Whoo-ee, What a Week!! :D

Happy Mother's Day, cake-pop style!
The last week and a half have been a blur!  Kat and I got called as emergency substitute nannies for the cutest little 11-month-old girl last week, meaning we rose at 5am and worked with her until 12:30, then went to class and work until late into the evening, cake-popped 'til we dropped, and finally got to bed around midnight.  Then we started again the next day.  :)  It was a productive week, with nannying and working and Kat's college classes and filling cake pop orders, so we definitely can't complain!  I also had a couple of big events at work on Friday night and Saturday afternoon-evening, and then the Mother's Day cake pop roses were due for delivery on Sunday morning.  Throw three more sizable pop orders in the mix and, well, when did we sleep?  Ha ha!  We ended up working literally all night on Saturday night to get the roses done, and then did the boxes the next morning. By Sunday afternoon I totally crashed!  Happy Mother's Day to me!  My poor kids didn't get to hang with Mom for Mother's Day since I slept right through it.  Oops!  This week, I've been playing catch-up with smaller orders and plugging away.  Sample boxes are next.  I think I'm almost there!

Here are more pics of the Mother's Day roses:

Gotta run!

~ Pia