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Friday, October 14, 2011

Embarrassed My Kids.... Again! Ha!

HomeTown Buffet, San Marcos, CA

Yesterday, I took Kat to a new neurologist.  Her previous neuro had moved to Hawaii without telling us, but that's another story.  Wait, no it's not.  He moved to Hawaii.  He didn't notify many of his patients, including us.  We found out when Kat called his office to make an appointment one day.  The end.  Ha ha, not really much of a story there after all, eh?  Anyway, her Primary Care Physician -- or PCP -- worked hard to get us a referral to a new one asap and we got to meet said new one yesterday.

We really like this new doctor so far!  For starters, he believed Kat when she told him about her symptoms.  That is HUGE.  He treated her like a person and not some paycheck.  That is huge, too!  After doing his tests and asking his questions, he determined that she should earnestly consider shunt surgery because he is concerned about her eyesight loss and stubbornly elevated head pain despite her current meds.  Now, it's not that she would have to go under the knife immediately, but "the talk should begin now" as he put it.  So he put in a referral to a neurosurgeon and told us to let him know what the ophthalmologist says after Kat sees him as well.

Kat and I agree that this visit was a successful one indeed.  We got a plan of action, and that's what we had hoped for.  Yay!

So to celebrate the successful visit, and because I was absolutely famished, I decided to take Kat and her brother to lunch.  We used to go to HomeTown Buffet a lot when they were little, so I guess that's why I gravitated there this time.  We hadn't been there in years -- at least two or three.  I figured it would be nice to go again.

Oh my goodness, when we walked in the restaurant I was floored!  Gone was the institutional, cafeteria-style decor/ambience!  In its place was a market-style display that looked so fresh and colorful!  I couldn't help myself.  I started gushing and ooh-ing and aah-ing all over the place.  And we were just standing at the register, ha ha!  The manager and the cashier were staring awkwardly at me, Ricky and Kat were shifting uncomfortably as they backed as far away from me as they could, and I just kept going about how cool the decor was.  Oh, me!

I finally noticed everyone's reactions (as oblivious as I am most of the time), so I told the kids they could go sit down while I paid for lunch.  They practically ran across the restaurant to get away.  Of course, as I looked for the booth they had chosen, I looked around some more.  Fresh fruits, Farmer's Market signage, separate "shop fronts" for Asian food and Italian food and American food, and an Icee bar!  When I went to fill my plate, I marveled even more (and loudly) at all of the awesomeness that was before me.  My poor kids!

I'm told that I wear my heart on my sleeve.  I guess it's true.  But really, who can blame me?  I mean, even their plates were fun, different colors!  As a firm believer that a meal is more enjoyable when eaten in a welcoming atmosphere, I give the new HomeTown Buffet a double thumbs up.  And maybe the next time we go, I will no longer be so effusive and my kids will not have to deny any knowledge of me.  But I make no promises.  ;)

~ Pia

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