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Monday, October 3, 2011

One Step at a Time

Ever feel like this guy?  I think we've all been where he is.... perched precariously on the thinnest of wires high above the ground, every step heavy with potential doom..... tempted to stay put, afraid to take the next step.  And what if the wind whips up?  Even the slightest breeze at this height feels like it will sweep us away.

I feel like we've been on this tightrope for the last decade, my two youngest kids and me -- ten years of moving, of being unable to make ends meet, of longing to have some stability and never quite being able to grasp it.  You would think, over the course of a decade, that I could somehow have gotten us settled and planted new roots.  Hasn't happened yet.  In fact, we're moving again.

Yep.  One more time.  I think this makes number 10 or 11.  Maybe more?  Anyway, this time, we're splitting up again.  My son, who came back to live with us a while after he was injured in the Marine Corps, is moving in with friends up north at the end of the month until he's ready to reenlist (they separated him until he heals).  This is a good move for him, though Kat and I will miss him dearly.  We've sort of grown accustomed to having him around again, and I'm not all together sure I want to let him go so soon.  I like seeing his face and hearing his voice, and having him show me YouTube videos and talk with me about the latest techy innovation.  I like knowing that I can give him a hug any time I want.  I like sharing everyday life with him.  It's hard to know that he's moving so far away.

As for Kat and me, we've been blessed with the offer to rent a room in a friend's house beginning November 1st.  It's a big room with its own bathroom and outside entrance.  While it'll be odd at first, not having our own place, this move will allow us to pay our bills without being so stressed every month and the friends from whom we'll be renting are pretty awesome people.  We'll even get to start making payments on Kat's rising medical bills so that if she ever does need to go into the ER or the hospital again we won't have to question just how "bad" her condition is and whether it really is ER worthy, wasting precious time and risking her well-being just because we might not be able to pay the bill.  So this will be a good move for us, too.

We're praying that one day we'll be able to afford our own apartment again.  For now, this room is the best option.  But we're hopeful!  Every cake pop sale brings us closer to financial stability and independence.  So we're working hard on our shop.  If you know anyone who's having a celebration or wants to give a Thank You gift or just likes cake, please send them our way.  We ship all over the USA!  To place an order, check out our Menu tab in the left sidebar of this blog.  Then either email us at CakePopFusion@gmail.com or visit our Etsy Shop & click the Request Custom Item link under "Shop Info" to the left of our product list.  We'll get your listing set up lickety split!

So that's the latest.  Big changes, all for the better.  We'll just keep walking that tightrope, one step at a time, 'til we get to the solid footing that's waiting for us on the other side.

Thanks for your awesomeness!

~ Pia

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