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Monday, April 11, 2011

We Get By with a Little Help from Our Friends

Well, actually, make that……. we succeed with a lot of help from our friends! 

Deb’s niece is a graphic artist.  Deb has been emailing her over the past few days about our Cake Pops and our name, and giving her details about our little company; and Ashley has come up with a few different logos for us – three logos, to be precise!  Ashley has offered to take some professional photos of our Pops so she can design fliers & business cards for us as well. 

Kat’s and my friend Sandie (of Knitzy Blonde fame) has been a wellspring of advice and encouragement, helping us to get our Etsy shop started and giving us all kinds of tips on running a solid business.  When I posted a status on my personal Facebook profile saying that our new Cake Pop Fusion fan page needed only 4 more “Likes” to reach 25 and qualify for our own Facebook url, Sandie totally posted a status on her own Facebook profile inviting her friends to stop by & “Like” it – and they did!  My own friends also saw my status and hopped over to “Like” our page, so now we have our official Cake Pop Fusion Facebook Fan Page web address.  Yay!

Another friend, Dona, used to work in marketing so she is helping us with all kinds of marketing suggestions and feedback as well as coaching us in how to provide the very best in personal customer service – a high priority for us!

Deb's husband is building us a few Pop stands in different sizes to hold different numbers of Pops.

We are so blessed by all the support that we’re receiving from our families and friends.  Deb, Kat, and I are so grateful to every one of you!  All this excitement over our adventure in cake popping gives us even more encouragement to dive in and create, create, create!  This is too much fun!  THANK YOU to all of you!

~ Pia

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