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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Internet Makes the World So Much Smaller.... in a GOOD Way!

As I was bopping around Facebook last night, exploring all the wonderful pages of my fellow Poppers and drooling over their wonderful creations, our Facebook page got a "Like" and a comment from a very nice lady.  Turns out, she is the lady who invented the Cake Ball Roller -- check this out:
Oh my goodness, how awesome and GENIUS is that idea???  We chatted a while via FB and email, and the more I talked with her the more I liked this lady!  I am so blessed to have made her acquaintance, and I hope that we become friends as time goes on.

If you make cake balls for any reason.... to make pops, to make truffles, whatever..... look into ordering one of these handy dandy tools.  It will be well worth your investment!  And it sure looks like FUN to use, and that is very important in my book!  :D

~ Pia

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