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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pops for a Dear Friend

My friend, Maureen is celebrating her birthday on Saturday. She is also saying a final good-bye to her father tonight.  It's a bittersweet time for her.   Please keep Maureen, her dad, and their whole family in your prayers.

Maureen is Irish.  Very Irish.  Very, very Irish.  And that's a good thing -- one of her charms.  And she is a fan of Guinness beer.  So what to give her for her birthday?  How about some Guinness cake pops?  Yes!  perfect!

I hope Maureen likes her birthday gift.  I hope her Guinness pops will cheer her up a bit during this sad time.  Mostly, I pray her dad is welcomed into Heaven by Our Lord Himself with arms outstretched in greeting.  :)

~ Pia

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