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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nostalgic Summer: Vintage Meets Modern for the Best of Both Worlds

Our Etsy shop was featured by Renee on her Nostalgic Summer blog on Monday.  Thank you, Renee!  :D  

I'm thankful not only for the feature, which was pretty cool, but also for the chance to be introduced to her blog and her handcrafted products.  Renee makes jewelry.  Not just any jewelry -- she takes vintage pieces that have seen better days and repurposes them for modern uses.  

Do you have some of Grandma's old necklaces and bracelets hiding in the back of your jewelry box, all tangled up or missing parts?  Or maybe they're just not your style but you want to keep them as remembrances?  

Contact Renee, and she can take those old beauties and turn them into new heirloom pieces that you would be proud to wear.  

She even has a Bridal line called, "Something Old, Something New" that offers beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewelry for your wedding day.  Why not ask her to make a new bridal necklace or bracelet from the bride's grandparents' antique jewelry?  Or how about an ultra-special gift for your baby's Baptism or dedication -- a bracelet handcrafted from your own grandparents' jewelry?  I have a gold bangle bracelet that was given to me as an infant.  Each of us eldest granddaughters received identical bracelets.  Mine will go to my own granddaughter (when I have one) on her Baptism day.  It's something I have treasured (and worn!) for many years.  

I think there's just something magical about heirloom and vintage jewelry -- it connects us with the generations that came before and honors our ancestors in a simple yet meaningful way.

Here are a couple of pieces that caught my eye from Renee's Etsy shop.

How perfect is this for the 4th of July?

This bluebird is simply beautiful

Elegance and style

Visit Renee's Etsy shop to check out more of her wonderful jewelry.  Stop by her blog to see what she's working on next.  You just might find yourself opening up your jewelry box to see what treasures lie in wait there to be transformed by Renee into beautiful heirloom pieces for your children and grandchildren, or simply to be handed down to future generations.  I know I did!

~ Pia


  1. Such beautiful work! Thanks for the link. I love seeing small businesses support one another.

  2. THANK PIA!!! You are wonderful! What a happy unexpected surprise!

  3. What a fabulous idea! Thank you for featuring Renee's work.