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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mini Milk Bottles!

Okay, how cool are these mini milk bottles from Bake It Pretty??  Wait, this photo doesn't do them justice.  Here's another:

Okay.  Better!  Now you can see how petite they really are!  Can you just see yourself sitting down to an icy-cold-milk and cake pop session?  I can!  Mmmmm.... chocolate milk and yummy cake pops...... excellent anytime treat!

I love creative, fun glasses!  Remember those Lord of the Rings glasses that one of the fast food chains was selling a while back?  The ones with the removable light in the bottom so your drink would "glow" when you flipped a switch?  Yep, still have them!  The lights are gone, but the glasses are still here!  I have Winnie the Pooh glassware and Coca-Cola glasses, too!  I just think drinks are more fun in creative glassware!

Here's a photo of the mini milk bottles with a cupcake.  Now, use your imagination and replace that cupcake with this one:

Fun, right??  Makes me want one right now!

Want a set of these Mini Milk Bottles for your own home?  Or even just a single bottle for yourself?  Go to Bake It Pretty and check them out!

~ Pia


  1. Drinks are TOTALLY more fun in festive glasses! I have been saving canning jars (friends give us jams & such frequently) to use for summer drinks. I just had a drink at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Old Town San Diego this past weekend served in a Ball jar with a handle. I LOVED IT!!