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Friday, June 10, 2011

Fun with Food Friday!

Capping off two very hectic weeks with some web-based fun!  I was a very good girl and focused on my day job and other responsibilities today, so I treated myself to a night of exploring the Internet -- making some new entrepreneurial friends, learning how to take really cool photos of our cake pops (the theory is in my brain now.... let's see how the practice goes tomorrow!), reading lots of fun blogs, and just generally having a grand time!

In my web surfing this evening, I happened upon a great little blog called Paisley Passions and found that she hosts a whole bunch of Linky Parties!  What are Linky Parties, you ask?  They are totally fun virtual get-togethers.  :)  The basic idea is that people post links to their own blogs and then go visit the links that others have posted.  It's a great way to learn from each other, network, and just have a fun time!  Each party has a specific theme, so you just choose one of your blog entries that matches the theme and post that link on the appropriate Linky Party page.  First, you subscribe to (or follow) the host's blog.  Then you post your link.  Then you hop around and visit the links that others have posted and leave them a nice comment.  Then you link back to the Linky Party on your own blog so your followers can join the fun, too!

When I sold rubber stamps and scrapbooking materials a couple of years ago, I had another blog.  The demonstrator group that I was in used to have what's called Blog Hop events each month.  Blog Hops are very much like Linky Parties!  I had a fantastic time getting to know the others in the Blog Hop and seeing all their wonderful creations and reading all their fun blogs.  I missed that interaction when I stopped that particular job.  So I am totally excited to have discovered the Linky Parties tonight!

Take a minute to head on over to Paisley Passion's Fun with Food Friday Linky Party.  You'll be glad you did!

~ Pia


  1. Well, their server is glitching at the "crop your photo" step in the linking process. So I'll try again tomorrow! :)

    Go check out the other links. So much deliciousness going on!

  2. This sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing the idea. I look forward to visiting with you next week....Melissa (a.k.a. Alienbody)

  3. YES! I love blog hopping -- it's a great way to learn and share and make friends! And it gives others a chance to see your blog who otherwise might not even know you exist. :)

    Can't wait to meet you "live and in person" next week, Melissa! :D

  4. How do you find blog hopping events for those of us that have directionless, random blogs that don't really have a point? ;-)

    I might want to work on it a bit.

    See you next week!

  5. ooh! Search "Blog Hop" on Google. There are lots of different blog hops to join! :)