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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kat's Birthday Weekend and a Gift for YOU!


Saturday was Kat's 19th birthday!  Hard to believe that my baby girl is already 19!!

The celebration began on Friday with a birthday party for Kat and her good friend/brother, Charlie.  Charlie's wonderful grandma, Sandie (check out her awesome Knitzy Blonde Etsy shop!) throws a party for Charlie every year at this time and she graciously invited us to celebrate Kat's birthday with his!  Charlie agreed to share the day, so Sandie and I got to planning!  We figured just a simple affair with a few family and friends, swimming for the kids, and lots of food!

The spread consisted of three (yes, THREE! Yummmm!) types of pizza, Caesar salad, pancit, and lumpia.  We had root beer floats and rainbow sherbet floats.  We munched on nachos and drank Green Tea.  And we had cake pops!

Charlie is a drummer -- drum cake pops for him!

Kat's nickname is Jellyfish -- jellyfish pops for her!

The kids swam and danced and played music (we all brought various instruments to play) to their hearts' content.

What a great party it was, and it was fun watching as Charlie's friends and Kat's friends got to know one another -- by the end of the evening, there were no separations and all the young people were friends with each other!  

One of the best parts of the event was the presence of Kat's big brother, Ricky.  And not only was he there, but he participated in the festivities!  Here he is lighting the last few candles on the cake:


And here's a close-up of that awesome, delicious carrot cake that Sandie and her husband, Guy bought for the kids:

Don't you just wanna eat it up??  Both families had bought candles, so we had some excellent flame going on!  

On Saturday and Sunday, we went to the San Diego Highland Games.  This has become a tradition for Kat's birthday, and this was our 4th year.  Our good friends are in Highland Way (awesome Celtic band!), so we started going to the Games (and other fun festivals) in 2007 because of them.  In fact, the lead singer was Kat's bodhran (Celtic drum) teacher way back when.


..... and now

Attending the Games and Festivals, we were exposed to the Scottish culture which Kat totally fell in love with.  And so much fantastic world music!!  The Browne Sisters and George Cavanaugh, Molly's Revenge, Alex Beaton......  wowza!  Let's not forget Heloise Love Band!  Heloise was one of the original members of Highland Way.  She has moved on and formed another band, and they're amazing!  

Me with the lovely and talented Heloise Love

So it was at the SD Highland Games in 2009 that Kat and Charlie met, actually.  We were there to support Highland Way, and Charlie was there to sit in with The Wicked Tinkers -- a simply phenomenal bagpipe-and-drum band!  The two met and hit it off right away.  Both being drummers and musicians, loving the Scottish culture and world music, they became fast friends!

When they first met!

Fast forward to this year, and we had a total blast once again!  Front row seats to every performance of our two favorite bands, Highland Way and The Wicked Tinkers,  thanks to some fab coordination between us and Charlie's grandparents, Guy and Sandie.  Hanging out with some of our favorite people, eating yummy Highland Games food, and enjoying the fantastic So Cal weather!

Sandie and Guy!

Thanks to Sandie and Guy, the Wicked Tinkers even posed with Kat for her birthday:

This fun photo was followed by Aaron (2nd from the left) saying, "Wait a minute" and grabbing his bagpipes.  Next thing we knew, the guys were singing -- and piping -- Happy Birthday to my Kat!  What a cool surprise!  She was absolutely tickled!

So we had a great birthday weekend.  Kat had a terrific time with all of our friends and loved ones, and we are still floating from all the fun.  And because we're still so happy-happy, we're passing on the joy to all of you!

From now until 12:00pm (noon) PST on July 1st, everyone who orders one dozen Classic Round cake pops will receive another dozen free!  Yep, FREE CAKE POPS!  Just send us an email telling us what you want to order and how many and we'll send you a Paypal invoice for easy payment.  Orders from this Special will be sent out on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.  Orders must be placed and payment in full received by noon on Friday, July 1st to qualify for this Birthday Special.  Normal shipping charges will apply.

Don't miss out!  You could be munching on yummy, FREE cake pops this time next week!

And THANK YOU to everyone who wished Kat a happy 19th birthday -- you are all soooooo nice!

~ Pia

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