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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Good-bye, GFC.... Hello, LF!

I opened up Facebook this morning and saw a post from a fellow artisan announcing that Google Friend Connect (GFC) is going the way of the dinosaur in March.  What??  I love my GFC!  But my artisan friend went on to say that there's a new kid in town... Linky Followers.  So even though GFC will be no more, we will still be able to connect with each other and subscribe to one another's blogs.  We just have to do it via Linky Followers.  No problem!  I like the name already!  And it's an easy click, just like GFC.  So here we go!

To subscribe via Linky Followers, just look in our sidebar on the left there.  You'll see this:

Simply click "Follow Me" and we're all set!  Leave us your blog link in the comments section below and we'll happily follow you back!

Thank you so much for being our GFC friends.  We look forward to being LF buddies, too!

~ Pia


  1. I just joined LF last week & so far I am loving it. I am following you & thanks in advance for following back.


  2. Thanks for the follow, Ada! Following you back! :)