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Friday, September 16, 2011

Primetime Emmy Awards, Here We Come!

This weekend is very exciting for us!  We have been included in the swag bags that will be given to the celebrities at this weekend's Primetime Emmy Awards.  Well, not US (we won't fit, ha ha!), but our business cards!  This is so cool!!

The Artisan Group is a member-only, juried group that represents the finest artisans from all over the globe.  You have to apply for membership, and once approved you are given the opportunity to have your handcrafted items and business cards presented to the celebrities and press at some prestigious Hollywood events.  If you send in an item, they even try to get a photo of a celebrity holding your item.  Imagine the promo possibilities!  We are so blessed and grateful to have been included in this exclusive group!

If you are an artisan, please go check out The Artisan Group.  They are a great bunch of people, and so very nice.  And what an awesome service they provide, representing all of us so enthusiastically and so well.  :)  

~ Pia

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