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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Looooong Away...... and Happy to Be Back!

Soooooo sorry for our long absence.  Kat and I went to Spain as part of my day job.  We went with a group of pilgrims from three different California parishes (we're Catholic) to attend World Youth Day in Spain.  What an awesome experience!  We started our trip with a stop in Rome to visit the Vatican, then went to Valencia to learn the culture and live the Faith in that community, and then it was off to Madrid for World Youth Day week itself.  We finished with an overnight in Milan before flying back home.  We had a phenomenal time!  It was definitely challenging, but well worth every sacrifice.  There were so many moments of joy and faith-sharing that far outweighed any hardships we encountered!  We made some new friends that we know will be with us for many years, and we learned about worshiping Jesus in different cultures -- such beautiful, beautiful worship!

While we were away, my son turned 22.  Wow, already??  We threw him a surprise party before we left.  We invited all his friends and ran to a pizza parlor.  No cake pops, 'cause he would've known something was up.  So we'll make some yummy pops for him another time!

We're playing catch-up now, having jumped right into school and back to the office the day after we returned from our trip.  Whew!  Still so jet-lagged!  Thank God for this 3-day weekend.  :)

Check below for photos from our journey.  We'll be back in the coming week with new blog posts and news and fun stuff.  I think I need to go to bed soon.....

~ Pia

Prayer chapel in the school where we stayed in Valencia

Giant Paella Feed in Valencia!

Kat got to try some Horchata.  Yummmm!

Portrait of Jesus in front of the altar; that's an incense bowl, too.

Pilgrims came from all over the world

Love to see the joy on this nun's face!

Worshiping Jesus with the Archbishop of Valencia

This is how we do laundry on a pilgrimage

Yes, I got in there, too, ha ha!
Castel Sant Angelo, Rome

Folklorico dancers

It was a little crowded, ha ha

On the pilgrim walk

The pilgrim walk to Cuatro Vientos got a bit cramped

Getting settled for the overnight vigil at Cuatro Vientos

Beautiful chapel in our host town

St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City

Gelato in Rome!

Kat and her friend at the Vatican

We stopped by Pope Blessed John Paul II's tomb
to pay our respects.  And take a picture.

Roman ruins

Getting sprayed with wonderful water to stay cool
at Cuatro Vientos

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