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Monday, September 26, 2011

Incredible Glass Drinking Straws by Glass Dharma

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am a sucker for straws.  Pardon the pun.  But it's true.  I cannot drink something without a straw.  Chocolate milk?  Straw.  Soda pop?  Straw.  Lemonade?  Straw.  Water?  Ummm, no straw.  Ha ha.  But everything else!  Straw!  I go through straws, as my daughter says, "Like there's no tomorrow!"  And she's right.  I don't know why I need them, but I do.  I buy straws in hundred-packs.  I store them in my pantry.  I hoard them in my car in case we go someplace that doesn't give me a straw -- no problem, I brought my own, so there!

I got to thinking........ how much plastic do I go through just in straws alone?  And how about the paper or plastic in which they're wrapped?  How much of a negative footprint am I leaving through my obsession with drinking straws?  TOO MUCH.  That's how much.  But what could I do?  I am not strong enough to give up my drinking straw habit.  No, really.  I tried.

Just as I was fretting about this dilemma, I stumbled upon a blog that was featuring GLASS DRINKING STRAWS.  What??  Oh, these I just had to check out!

Enter  Glass Dharma -- a company that manufactures the original glass drinking straws.  Their straws are crystal clear, sturdy, and beautiful!  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from dainty little cocktail straws ("Sipper") to those ginormous straws that you use with your boba drinks ("Bubble Tea").

They even have my all-time favorite..... bendy straws!!   Well, these straws don't actually bend because they're made of glass, but they're pre-bent!  They are always at the precise angle to go right into my mouth.  Awesome!!

Glass Dharma has thought of everything, even a way to keep track of which glass straw belongs to whom.  Because when you buy these for your family, every child is gonna want his or her own glass straw (as a mom of 4, this is very important).  No, really!  Trust me on this one!  So how do you keep track of (or lay claim to) your own, personal, nobody-else-better-touch-my Glass Dharma drinking straw?  You buy the ones with the way cool colored dots!  They have six (6) colors to choose from!  And they're made using colored glass.  No paint or coating is ever used in these straws.  The bonus with these colored-dot straws..... they won't roll off the table 'cause the dots won't let them!

Did I mention these straws are sturdy?  They are made of borosilicate glass -- the strongest commercially available glass on the market!  They're dishwasher safe, so it's easy to keep them clean.  You can also purchase a little brush if you want to scrub them clean on the inside.  Glass Dharma really does think of everything!

While the straws will not break under normal use, they might chip or crack if they're dropped.  If this happens, Glass Dharma will repair or replace it for free.  Check out their LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

Want to bring your Glass Dharma straw with you to restaurants, work, outings, and parties?  No problem!  Grab a hemp sleeve and stick your straw in your backpack, purse, or jacket pocket.  These are made in the USA (as are all of Glass Dharma's straws and cleaning brushes) and there are five (5) great colors from which to choose.  Visit the Glass Dharma website to order yours!

You really must try these Glass Dharma drinking straws.  They're convenient, eco-friendly, stylish, and well-priced.  Sturdy enough for children to use them, and available in a variety of sizes and designs.  I got mine and I absolutely love them!

~ Pia


  1. I am the same way, I need a straw for EVERYTHING I drink :) How cool are these! Glad you said they were sturdy b/c I'd be afraid to break it. Great find!

  2. Oh my gosh, yes!! A fellow straw person!! My family thinks I'm crazy, ha ha. I go nuts if I don't get a straw with my drink. Now they don't have to worry anymore 'cause I carry my own. :D

    I was actually surprised at how solid these straws are. I would have no problem even letting toddlers drink from them. Which means they're "Pia-proof", too! ;)