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Saturday, May 14, 2011

We Have a Logo!

So here's my original thought.....  The sketch I did by hand was actually more elegant -- the box was a bracket box, really pretty, that didn't translate well to my limited knowledge of Paint, ha ha!

Here's a "working logo" attempt that I came up with in Paint (again, limited skills in that department), and I thought it wasn't half bad:

But Kat insisted that we go with something more trendy and less cartoony -- a logo that will go well with whatever style of event we serve, from children's birthday parties to beautiful wedding receptions.

So I turned to my awesomely wonderful Facebook friends to ask for help.   And they totally came through!  We made a fantastic connection with a graphic artist who happens to be the husband of one of our page "fans" and he came up with this:

Isn't it just AWESOME?????  All I said was that I wanted to definitely have the "CPF" initials in there somewhere.  The rest is ALL him!!!  Oh my goodness, I'm beside myself with joy!  I showed the draft to Kat and Ricky, and they absolutely loved it, too!  And Deb got so excited that she's ready to put our new logo on t-shirts and bags and everywhere else we can imagine!  Ha ha, and that was the reaction from just the draft!  Wait 'til they see this final image!!

Here's the crop for when we need only the minimal logo part:

So sleek, so stylish, and definitely perfect for all occasions!  Watch our posts for the contact info for this amazing graphic designer!  You will surely want to hire him for your design needs!  I know we will definitely go back to him whenever we need more work done for us!

~ Pia

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